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Alice and olivia mask – Do you think the air you are breathing is perfect? You realize that you are not on the off chance that you follow the news day by day. Who are the sufferers of breathing this lethal and destructive air in your condition? Indeed, it is you and your family!

Residue, microorganisms, infections, and contamination noticeable all around make it hard to inhale clean air. This is an a lot more serious issue for those living in large urban communities. There are numerous reasons why the air in your condition is destructive to your wellbeing. Autos and different vehicles consume fuel and discharge harmful smoke noticeable all around that causes contamination. Processing plants, as well, are a significant explanation adding to air contamination. This has made it incomprehensible for you to inhale clean air. There are likewise different infections like the ongoing Coronavirus noticeable all around that you may take in.

At the point when you breathe in poisonous and unsafe synthetic concoctions consistently for quite a while, it can prompt a few respiratory infections. On the off chance that you breathe in the infections gliding noticeable all around, it can prompt deadly issue as well. So it is basic for you to make a move, as quickly as time permits. Here is Alice and olivia mask , a face cover that will assist you with breathing cleaner air.

About Alice and olivia mask

Alice and olivia mask is a lightweight breathing veil that ensures you against sensitivities, microscopic organisms, infections, poisonous gases, and contaminated air. It permits you to take in natural air anyplace, even in the most contaminated spot. It covers your mouth serenely without impeding your nose. Also, it is lightweight and doesn’t squeeze your skin. The producers have planned this veil exceptionally. It looks rich and doesn’t give you an emergency clinic look.

This cover has a propelled, sans dust air channel PM2.5, which can shield you from particles of measurement under 2.5 micrometers, which are as little as 3% of the breadth of human hair. This cover will be favorable for individuals with lung-related breathing issues, sensitivities, low resistance, and so on. What’s more, it likewise can shield you from unsafe infections like Coronavirus, which is undermining us now.

Particulars of Alice and olivia mask

  • PM 2.5 channel to sift through the minutest particles of residue.
  • Nanotechnology, two-layer polyurethane filtration.
  • Dynamic carbon channel shields you against pollutions and contaminants, including microscopic organisms and infections.
  • Texture filtration which guarantees an improved wind stream.
  • Breathing valve which underpins sound inward breath and exhalation.
  • Hanging cover structure like scenes, which gives an agreeable fit.
  • Experimentally intended to give mouth and nose inclusion.
  • Size 27 cm by 14 cm.
  • Unisex plan, in a size that fits all face shapes and sizes.
  • Made of launderable material.
  • Lightweight veil.

How Does Alice and olivia mask Work?

Alice and olivia mask gives multi-layer filtration to add up to insurance from allergens, microbes, infections, dust particles, and contaminations. It is particularly useful for individuals with respiratory issues. The polyurethane layer channels infectious infections and microscopic organisms. The dynamic carbon channel screens the polluting influences and residue particles from the air you breathe in. The breathing valve guarantees the free progression of air, so you never feel choked with this cover. This experimentally structured cover fits serenely on your mouth and face with no air holes that give you full security from a contamination.

How to Use Alice and olivia mask?

Ensure you wear the Alice and olivia mask cover each day when you go out. Leave the remainder of the work to Alice and olivia mask .It will shield you from breathing in dangerous air, and you inhale clean air. Likewise, make sure to return home and wash the veil altogether to flush off all the pollutions on it so you can utilize it again the following day.

Advantages of Alice and olivia mask

All out security

The air we inhale contains a wide range of irresistible particles and small scale life forms. These may cause numerous airborne illnesses like Coronavirus contamination. So in the event that you wear this veil when you step outside your home, you are totally secured. Alice and olivia masks creens minute particles and furthermore fluid beads that skim noticeable all around you inhale, when individuals close to you hack or wheeze.

Screens a wide range of germs

Alice and olivia mask is equipped for protecting you from each kind of germs. It can screen the little particles of contaminations from vehicles and industrial facilities. It can shield you from microbes, infections, and allergens. In the current situation, as the risk of airborne infectious ailments has expanded, this cover is fundamental for all.

Agreeable structure

The Alice and olivia mask face veil has an entirely agreeable plan. It is made of stretchable material that fits all sizes and states of face. What’s more, it is made of lightweight material, so you don’t feel that you are wearing a face veil. It is truly agreeable, and you can wear it for the duration of the day.

Launderable and Reusable

Alice and olivia mask gives you esteem for cash. It is made of launderable materials. You can wash, dry, and reuse the same number of times as you like to.

Buy and Price

There are various bundles that the organization offers. You can choose the best arrangement for you.

One unit of the Alice and olivia mask is accessible on the official site at $49 as it were.

At the point when you purchase 2 units, you get a third one free. The limited cost of this bundle is $98.

On requesting 3 units of this item, you get 2 all the more free at a limited cost of $27 each. Thus, you pay just $135 for this bundle.

In addition, the organization offers free sending. You likewise have the alternative to include a 3-years guarantee you’re Alice and olivia mask at $9 as it were.

Unconditional promise and Refund Policy

The dealer offers you a 30-day unconditional promise on your acquisition of Alice and olivia mask . To be qualified for a discount, you are required to restore your face cover to the organization. The veils you return must be unused and in a similar condition where it was conveyed to you.

The bundle you send ought to have the receipt of your buy.

Your discount is prepared by the maker after your bundle is reviewed and affirmed by the organization.

A discount is started in the Mastercard or the technique for installment you utilized for the buy. It takes a couple of days for the discount to be credited to your record. On the off chance that your request is damaged or defective, the organization will give you an incomplete discount or full discount.


Is Alice and olivia mask Reusable?

Such veils are regularly not made for reuse, and you go through a great deal of cash purchasing new ones. Be that as it may, this is just not the situation with Alice and olivia mask. You can utilize it on numerous occasions by washing it after each utilization with the goal that the germs which might be available inside the cover are executed. Thusly, it keeps up cleanliness just as ensure your wellbeing.

Does Alice and olivia mask Protect Against Both Bacteria and Viruses?

Indeed, it secures you against all microorganisms and infections. You can cover your mouth and nose with Alice and olivia mask, which strains all the contaminations to battle numerous medical issues. So this is the best veil for everybody.

Are Different Sizes of Alice and olivia mask Available for Adults and Children?

This is a free size face cover which fits individuals everything being equal. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you are a grown-up or a kid. It fits all face sizes and shapes.

Truly, Alice and olivia mask shields clients from infectious infections, including the feared Coronavirus.

Does the Company Accept International Orders?

Truly, the producer acknowledges universal requests and acknowledges installments in your own cash.

What are the Delivery Charges?

The conveyance accuses change of the quantity of Alice and olivia mask arranged and the spot of conveyance. Conveyance to far away and remote spots may acquire more conveyance charges. You need to add the item to your shopping basket and proceed to the installment page where the conveyance charge is shown.

Is the Transactions Safe on the Manufacturer’s Purchase Website?

Truly, the exchanges on the buy site are secure. Your own subtleties are made sure about by Norton, McAfee Secure, and Trusts Verified.

Request Alice and olivia mask  now and Get half off constrained time


  • All out security from a wide range of infections, microbes, and allergens.
  • Screens dust particles and contaminations.
  • It covers full mouth and nose.
  • Residue free air channel PM 2.5, nanotechnology.
  • Free size; fits everybody.
  • Lightweight and agreeable structure.
  • Launder able and reusable.


  • Quick selling item and constrained stocks.
  • It very well may be bought uniquely from the producer’s authentic site.

Client Testimonials

Half a month prior when the Novel Coronavirus alarm grasped the world, I had my pre-fixed advertising meet in Thailand. Thailand had by then previously revealed a couple of instances of Coronavirus. Be that as it may, I was not in a situation to drop the visit as it was significant for my manager. My supervisor in the workplace recommended that I take Alice and olivia mask alongside me. He said that Alice and olivia mask is demonstrated to ensure against the allergens, microscopic organisms, and infections that glide noticeable all around. It is a veil that channels the air before we inhale it in. I benefited the uncommon offer and purchased 2 Alice and olivia mask covers at a limited cost. I utilized the cover constantly during my visit to Thailand and I am back in my nation securely. Robert Ramirez, 41, Singapore.

In nowadays of expanding contamination and airborne infections, I am constantly stressed over my kids. As my children go to class and furthermore play in the open, they are inclined to the large number of germs and infections that encompass us. In addition, expanding air contamination influences we all. I have purchased Alice and olivia mask for my kids. Alice and olivia mask arrives in an adaptable size that fits all countenances. It is lightweight and agreeable. It covers the nose and mouth totally and doesn’t permit any germs, gliding beads containing infections or residue particles to be breathed in. My kids have been utilizing it throughout the previous barely any weeks and from that point forward there have been no bad things to say of airborne sicknesses. Regina Adams, 50, Louisville, Kentucky.

I have been filling in as a medical attendant in a state emergency clinic for a long time. I need to deal with patients of various kinds with known and obscure maladies. I can’t take risks to hazard my life the same number of patients convey infections and microscopic organisms that spread effectively noticeable all around. Along these lines, I utilize the Alice and olivia mask cover. Alice and olivia mask contains Nano Technology Dust-Free Air Filter PM2.5 which gives security from microscopic organisms, colds, and infections. It has an agreeable fit that covers the nose and mouth. It is reusable and I can simply wash it and wear it to my medical clinic obligation consistently. It has furnished me with the necessary insurance to remain invulnerable to infections. Beauty Smith, 27, Brooklyn, New York.

I had been experiencing breathing issues and had fringe interminable obstructive pneumonic infection (COPD) for a couple of years. The dirtied demeanor of the city had been liable for these ailments. There were no indications of progress as the air contamination from autos, manufacturing plants, and so on continued expanding step by step. My medico companion prescribed that I use Alice and olivia mask for alleviation. This face cover guaranteed that I inhale safe air. In the wake of utilizing Alice and olivia mask .I have totally recouped from my respiratory issues. Moreover, it additionally shields me from the various infections and microbes which are sneaking around us. David Whitman, 59, Singapore.


This is the age and age of vehicles and businesses. On the off chance that there exist vehicles and plants, there will likewise be contamination noticeable all around. So the time has come to step capable of shielding yourself and your friends and family from breathing in dangerous synthetic compounds noticeable all around.

The Alice and olivia mask face veil covers your face totally. This is a defensive veil with various layers that will assist you with keeping the noxious, lethal air outside, and breathe in air that is spotless, liberated from hurtful synthetic concoctions. This veil turns into your go-to item in the hour of any wellbeing emergency or pestilence. You can wear it consistently to school, school, and work, shielding yourself from all the destructive impacts of breathing in lethal air.

The face cover is offered at limited rates by the makers. There are various offers and bundles for you to choose from. Likewise, shipping is free. So purchase Alice and olivia mask today and secure yourself and your family.

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