Clean zone mask – is it really works?

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Clean zone mask – easy quarter cpap sanitizer can produce activated oxygen speedy to reach every nook of your cpap system, tube and mask, killing 99% of germs and micro organism. Very secure and handy, the optimized design permits quicker generation of activated oxygen for the duration of begin-up and quicker dissipation after clean. Functions
inexpensive and transportable cpap purifier – the cpap purifier of the future! Generates germ and micro organism killing activated oxygen (ozone) to assist smooth cpap water reservoir, hose and masks. No water, no delivered chemical substances, no issues! You’ll breathe in healthy, clean air and sleep peacefully. Lightweight, compact and portable so you can take smooth zone™ anyplace, anywhere you sleep! Computerized and simple to apply – 1 button begin! Short 30-minute cycle. Rechargeable battery with charging wire. Consists of 2 general match hose adapters that makes clean sector™ like minded with maximum cpap machines. Fsa & hsa eligible
compatible with almost all cpap machinessmall & lightweight – easy to journey with

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