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Hamging Reviews – in this in-depth evaluate of command™ photo placing strips, you’ll examine precisely the way to use them (step-through-step with photos), common errors when the usage of them, which surfaces they paintings on, the special sizes to be had, the most sizable downsides, and not unusual customer complaints. Allow’s dive proper in! Command image placing strips: short overview

  • the way to use command picture putting strips
  • the way to get rid of command strips
  • common errors when the use of command strips
  • do command strips work on all surfaces? Alternatives and sizes
  • command strips weight limit (chart)

command logo, the maker of command photo striking strips (see on amazon), is the marketplace chief in damage-loose adhesives. Similarly to photograph placing strips, they manufacture clips for outside lighting, hooks for hanging things on glass home windows and doorways, caddies for wall garage, and much extra. Command photo placing strips have a in particular formulated adhesive and patented layout that lets in you to dangle photos securely to walls with out leaving behind a sticky residue or pulling paint off the wall. In case you’re a fickle decorator, that is the suitable product. Alternate your mind approximately a portray or photograph? No trouble. You can without problems hold, take away, and modify. By no means positioned some other hole within the wall when you operate command photograph putting strips. Command strips have downsides. First, if you don’t follow the commands, you run the risk of a photo falling off the wall. This could most effective arise in case you exceed the weight limits and don’t use enough strips, or you don’t allow enough time for them to stick to the wall before adding the load of the photo. The second drawback is that they are high priced compared to a hammer and nail. Depending on the size and weight of your photo, it can cost you a few dollars to hang with command strips (check fees on amazon) as compared to 3 cents with a nail. At the turn side, in case you use command strips, you won’t have to pay for wall putty and paint whilst you finally need to patch up holes. How to use command photo putting strips
the maximum common use for these picture striking strips is, you guessed it, to hang heavy (or mild) framed pix on your walls and different surfaces with out destructive them with nails and anchors. Here is the way it works:

step 1: wipe the wall with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any dirt and debris. Do now not use different household cleaners because the ones can leave behind a film or residue that may make the stickiness of the strips useless. Step 2: separate two strips and press the velcro elements together. They arrive in three special sizes (small, medium, and massive), and each length has its very own weight limits. The small image putting strips can hold up to one pound in step with pair. The mediums maintain 3 kilos according to pair, and the larges keep four pounds in step with pair. In case you’re now not certain how lots a body weighs, stand on a scale, record your present day weight, then choose up the frame and step returned on the scale to look the distinction. Step 3: take away the protecting liner from one facet of the strips and region the sticky surface at the frame with the pull tab facing down. The “pull tab” is the rounded part that announces “3m” with an arrow pointing down. In case you’re using one pair of strips, stick it horizontally on the middle of the pinnacle part of the body. In case you’re the use of two pairs, area them at the top corners of each facet of the frame. If you’re the use of 3 pairs, place one horizontally in the center of the pinnacle frame and on the pinnacle of the perimeters. In case you’re the use of four pairs, positioned two at the pinnacle of the aspect frames and on the bottom of the facet frames about 2/3rds of the manner down. Don’t placed the bottom strips all the manner down on the lowest corners because doing so will make it very tough to safely cast off the image from the wall when the time comes. Step 4: do away with the protective liners that are now going through far from the frame and role your frame in which you need it on the wa
if you don’t get the body stage on the primary attempt, you can modify in which every side of the velcro meets to get it flawlessly stage later. Press the frame firmly towards the wall for at the least 30 seconds. Placed pressure at the regions wherein the strips are so that they adhere securely to the wall. At this factor, the manufacturer’s website advises you to peel the frame off the wall and let the strips on the wall aspect sit for an hour before re-hanging the body. This era lets in the adhesive to fully adhere to the wall earlier than including the weight and resistance of the frame. In all honesty, i’ve never accompanied this step and in no way had an difficulty. From my revel in, as long as your wall is easy and also you press the frame against the wall and maintain firmly for 30 seconds, you must be all set. A couple of instances, i’ve used two pairs of strips when i absolutely must have used three, and the frame detached and fell (whoops!). Adding a further pair may be overkill, but will in no way harm. A way to remove command photo striking strips

command strips make removing photos from the wall extraordinarily easy. To dispose of the body, all you do is take the bottom corners of the frame and slowly pull it off the wall. The pairs of strips connected by using velcro will without difficulty come apart. Do now not pull the frame immediately off the wall. To cast off the strips from the wall, slowly stretch the pull tab straight down about 12 inches. It’s going to launch from the wall. Do now not pull the tab straight closer to you; doing so may want to damage your wall. This video does a high-quality job summarizing the procedure of placing images that i just defined:not unusual errors whilst using command strips

if you follow the commands carefully, command strips are notably effective. In case you cut corners and don’t comply with the commands, you’ll have issues. Here are the maximum not unusual mistakes humans make when the use of command strips:

no longer the usage of enough strips. If you use one pair of strips to cling a 20-pound frame, it’s going to fall. Placing the strips inside the incorrect spots on the body. Comply with these placement commands that i protected in advance. Not urgent firmly for at least 30 seconds whilst hanging. Setting strain on the strips facilitates them adhere completely. Don’t pass this step. Pulling the frame off the wall the incorrect manner. If you pull the frame straight off the wall, you threat detrimental it. Pulling the strips off the wall the wrong manner. Pull the tab instantly down until the strip releases from the wall. In case you try and rip it straight off, the paint will come with it. Do command strips paintings on all surfaces? Command strips work on maximum surfaces, but now not all. The surfaces you can use them on are painted, stained or varnished wooden, glass, tile, painted cinder block, plaster, drywall, steel, and painted wallboard. They will additionally keep on with clean cinder block, like what you notice inner college buildings. They do no longer stick to brick, wallpaper, or glass directly exposed to daylight. Wait a week after portray to make certain the paint has completely cured earlier than the usage of these strips. Command has an outside line of products (hyperlink to amazon) that persist with a number of these other surfaces and paintings nicely in warmth or cold. Alternatives and sizes

command has many distinct photograph putting merchandise, right here’s a breakdown:

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