How did shaquem lose his hand – shaquem with One Hand Wows NFL: What Is Amniotic Band Syndrome?

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How did shaquem lose his hand – School football player Shaquem Griffin dazzled mentors and fans at a NFL exploring occasion on Saturday (March 3) when he seat squeezed 225 lbs. (102 kilograms) multiple times. Also, he did everything without a left hand.

Griffin, 22, lost his left hand when he was 4 years of age because of amniotic band disorder, an uncommon condition that happens during fetal turn of events. The specific reason for this condition is obscure, however it’s idea to happen when parts of the hatchling become entrapped in the amniotic sac, or the sac of liquid that encompasses the creating child, as indicated by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

The amniotic sac has two layers, an external layer called the chorion and an internal layer called the amnion. It’s idea that in instances of amniotic band disorder, the internal layer of the amniotic sac bursts and groups of coasting tissue from the layer fold over pieces of the hatchling —, for example, fingers, toes or whole appendages — contracting them, UCSF says.

The condition can cause a few inconveniences, running in earnestness from gentle to serious. For instance, in gentle cases, a kid may have a wrinkle on one appendage, however this doesn’t influence how the appendage functions, as indicated by Seattle Children’s Hospital. In different cases, the groups can diminish blood stream to parts of the body, prompting limited development or tissue injury. Infants with the condition might be brought into the world missing fingers and toes if these digits are cut off inside the belly (known as innate removal), or the kids might be brought into the world with their digits melded, Seattle Children’s says.

In extreme cases, the groups can get folded over crucial parts, for example, the head or umbilical string, and this can be lethal, as indicated by UCSF.

For Griffin’s situation, the amniotic strands folded over his left wrist, keeping his left hand from growing regularly, as indicated by Sports Illustrated. In the event that specialists had endeavored to expel the band in the belly, it could have jeopardized the life of Griffin or his twin sibling, Shaquill, Sports Illustrated revealed. Accordingly, Shaquem Griffin was brought into the world with a left hand that didn’t work appropriately and was agonizing to the touch. Specialists cut off his turn in 1999 to alleviate this agony.

Presently, Shaquem Griffin would like to be the primary player with one hand drafted to the NFL in the cutting edge time, as indicated by ESPN.

At the NFL Scouting Combine, an occasion at which school players grandstand their abilities before proficient mentors, Griffin ran the quickest 40-yard run for his position (linebacker) of anybody since 2003, as indicated by Sports Illustrated. What’s more, for his weight-lifting accomplishment, he utilized a prosthetic hand to hold the free weight as he pushed out 20 reiterations, crushing his past best of 11 reps for that weight, as indicated by the NFL.

“I recollect when I initially began utilizing the prosthetic, I had quite recently the bar and I was shaking everywhere,” Griffin told

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