How to Choose a Medical Assisting School

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Search for ‘medical assisting schools‘ and you’ll get plenty of results. The problem is every result is screaming at you to explore or request free information about their medical assisting courses. Which ones are good to choose and which are not so good?

Asking yourself a few easy questions will help in making your decision on a medical assisting school that fits your needs, budget and goals. Consider these questions to ask any potential schools you have selected to understand how to choose a medical assisting school:

  • What’s your budget for education?
    Understand this number and don’t stray from it. There are always a variety of financial offers that can make great incentives when applying for school, but result in horrible debts that are owed for some time after graduation. Get a finalized cost for enrollment and insure that the final cost covers key expenses like all required courses, textbooks, other and required materials.
  • What type of medical assisting degree do you want?
    Don’t compare apples to oranges. Set out the type of degree or program you want to graduate with as a medical assistant and get the details on that degree or program from the schools. They may try to up-sell you into a different program or course for medical assisting, be open to options, but be firm on your selections.
  • What are the prerequisites required for the selected medical assisting program?
    Have the school list all the required prerequisites you need in order to graduate. Sometimes students are surprised or have to go back to take required prerequisites in order to complete their graduation.
  • How long does the program or course take to complete?
    Depending on your choice, medical assisting programs and courses can vary in the amount of time required to complete. Be sure to check with the schools you speak to and get a clear understanding of the time required before graduation.
  • Which topics are in your selected medical assisting course or program?
    Most schools have a compiled list of topics their medical assisting programs and courses will cover. Request this from the school in order to get a sense of what you will be studying specifically and make sure that the topics are aligned to your interest in becoming a medical assistant or if there are electives that you can substitute.

Shop your medical assistant education options around to a few different choices and compare the final tuition numbers, degree types, length of time and any other details – looking for the most aligned programs to your needs and balance that with the cost to find your best option.

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