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Jamie Samuelsen Death – Around 20 minutes before dawn Monday morning, a voice went ahead of the radio, breaking through the dimness.

“Hello, everybody,” Mike Stone said toward the beginning of the “Jamie and Stoney” show on WXYT-FM (97.1). “Normally we start on Mondays, particularly when Jamie was driving the show: “Did you have a good end of the week? How’s everyone doing? What’s the climate like?”

Stone took a snappy breath.

“We know how our end of the week was,” Stone said. “Furthermore, for those of you don’t have the foggiest idea — a stone, the person who drove our show, perhaps the closest companion I’ve at any point had in recent years since 1994 — ”

Detroit sports radio host Jamie Samuelsen, 48.

Detroit sports radio host Jamie Samuelsen, 48. (Photograph: DFP document photograph)

He made a sound as if to speak.

“Died at 48 years old frickin’ years old.”

Jamie Samuelsen, his radio accomplice, kicked the bucket Saturday following a 19-month session with colon disease. He was 48 years of age.

“We cherished Jamie,” Stone said. “Also, as we discovered over this end of the week, you adored Jamie.”

Samuelsen’s demise has shaken the games world in Detroit and past. The response has originated from the nation over in contacting tweets and tributes, recordings and sections.

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