Jan Kruse Killed – Passed Away; Cause of Death

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Jan Kruse Killed – Dateline NBC is bringing the unsolved homicide of a southwestern Minnesota lady into the public spotlight.

Jan Pigman-Kruse, 40, was shot and slaughtered in her bed in August of 2015. At that point, her better half, Chris Kruse, and juvenile little girl were home.

No captures were made until almost four years after the fact in 2019, when specialists captured Chris Kruse and accused him of first degree planned homicide.

Kruse went to preliminary recently and was in the long run absolved in February after attendants thought for 12 hours.

His lawyers Thomas Hagen and Steven Groschen said the arraignment didn’t have a solid case. They said the arraignment attempted to demonstrate Kruse needed to slaughter Jan to gather life coverage so he could purchase a retreat in northern Minnesota.

“We continued glancing through the entirety of the proof, expecting some new conclusive evidence or bit of logical proof that would change why they out of nowhere chose to charge it,” Groschen said. “Furthermore, we simply didn’t find that.”

The lawyers additionally said agents neglected to investigate other possible suspects.

“At last, we have another culprit or another person who may have perpetrated a wrongdoing,” Hagen said. “We have this unsolved homicide where we have another person who may have been in the house. Furthermore, strangely, we realize that person’s name. In any case, law requirement never followed up on it.”

Kruse’s lawyers said he is trusting the Dateline scene will cause more to notice his significant other’s unsolved murder and spur agents to return the case.

The lawyers additionally said Jan’s family bolsters Kruse and has faith in his guiltlessness. Kruse still lives in the Brewster people group and his lawyers said the vast majority of the network additionally bolsters him.

The two-hour Dateline scene named, “A long way from Spider Lake” will air Friday, Dec. 4 on NBC at 8 p.m.

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