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Travis Maldonado was conceived on March 22, 1994, in Alameda County, California. He battled with meth enslavement while he was in California. In the end, Travis advanced toward Joe’s zoo in December 2013. One of Joe’s representatives recommended taking Travis in, feeling that working around creatures would enable the little youngster to remain off medications.

Joe fancied Travis very quickly, the two got hitched in under a month. Obviously, this was a three-way marriage, which included John Finlay also. The whole wedding was zoo themed, with an orange cake with dark tiger stripes. It was finished with small scale cowhand boots and crocodiles made of butterscotch.

Some ‘bloom young ladies’ were monkeys, and a Celebes peaked macaque was the ring carrier. The three men wearing pink shirts and dark jeans. Sadly, on Friday, October 6, 2017, Joe got the call that broke his reality. Travis, his significant other, was dead.

Travis died in Wynnewood at 23 years old. At the hour of death, he was made due by Ashley and Danielle, his sisters, and his folks Danny and Cheryl.

Joe Exotic Husband Death Cause : Travis deplorably died from a self-incurred shot injury. Specialists reacted to a 911 call from the recreation center around 12:30 PM. When they showed up, Travis had died. A .45 gauge handgun was recovered, however the specialists were a little befuddled about the reason for death, at first. Be that as it may, further examination has not uncovered injustice being behind Travis’ downfall.

A pot smoking channel and a modest quantity of maryjane were recovered from Travis’ pockets at that point. According to observe reports, Travis had expelled the magazine and set the weapon to his head. He thought about the slug in the load yet accepted that the weapon would not discharge without a magazine. Lamentably, the weapon went off, murdering him.

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