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Ken Suzuki Death – Ken Suzuki is a clinical academic in the field of cardiovascular clinical strategy, from the outset arranged at Osaka University, Japan. Following the 10-year clinical getting ready and a PhD allowed for his work on quality treatment for myocardial ischaemia-reperfusion injury,

he was enrolled to the Harefield Heart Science Center, Imperial College London (head; Prof Sir Magdi Yacoub) in 1998. At the present time significance, he completed a movement of research reaches out on undifferentiated cell treatment and quality treatment for heart disorders, in comparing to his cautious planning. Right now, took up the seat of another investigation pack inside the William Harvey Research Institute in 2007.

Here, he continues with basic, translational, pre-clinical, and clinical cardiovascular research, which intends to make innovative medications for cardiovascular breakdown, with an even, multi-disciplinary social occasion. Suzuki is a past Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellow and UK Medical Research Council Senior Fellow.

He is by and by a Visiting Principal Investigator at the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Research Center, Japan.

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