Lavena johanson death – truth & documentory about lavena’s death

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Lavena johanson death

                               Lavena johanson was an officer of military army in US. She died in 2005. According to military staff Lavena johanson committed suicide but her father was not ready to admit it. Her father said that this is a murder because of the dead body was found beside the burning tent with  nose broken, black eyes broken teeth ,gunshot and acid burns on her body. Military ruled her death a suicide but Lavena johanson attracted by the international attention and aimed her that her death was the result of rape.

                                When the Lavena’s father saw the dead body of her daughter in the Funeral home so he decided to investigate about the lavena’s death. The military initially refused to release any information about the death of Lavena .but the father insets them to give information about a the death of daughter so finally under the freedom information act after the responsibility of William Lacy Clay, Jr. raised about the death of Lavena .

The Lavena‘s father said it was the morning of 19 July when a solider rang the doorbell. When I opened the door the solider entered the home and said about the sad news of the Lavena’s death. This morning is so sad with the death of my daughter .her father said that my daughter was very interested to join military army she was proves a very kind and intelligent student .she was very sincere with her profession. He said that Lavena was a much disciplined child. Lavena was very interested in army she pay fee and all the dues of army admission by own pocket money .she stay in the 6 weeks in the army and the last conversation we are with her there and she says that I could be coming on Christmas .the 7;30 on a morning of the 19 July the doorbell was rang  there was a soldier on the door and he said that about the death of Lavena .it was a shocked news for me and my family .it was an unbelievable incident for us .

Documentary about the death of Lavena death:

                                                                A documentary about the death of Lavena johanson ‘s family struggle was made in 2010 made by Joan Brooker named was Lavena Johanson that discussed the truths and silent about the death of Lavena .because her father and family members don’t believe that the suicide of Lavena death .thy called this death as a murder. The CCIRI (Cold Case Investigative Research Institute) crime scene reform aimed to help shed light on this case that has attracted all world’s attention. And at the end of the 3 years of investigation the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute they did not agree with the findings of military army.

The photographs and autopsy report took refuge that it was a suicide. The reports prove that it was a rape murder. All the signs of suicide are against according the reports gunshot, broken nose and teeth burn from acid that seemed inconsistent with suicide. There are worries that the acid burns were to destroy DNA facts of a rape.

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