Lyle Denny Obituary – Passed Away; Cause of Death

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Lyle Denny Obituary – The City of Panhandle is grieving the deficiency of one of their own. Tuesday morning, it was reported Panhandle Police Department’s Assistant Chief, Sgt. Lyle Denny, kicked the bucket from COVID-19, that as indicated by Carson County Sheriff Tam Terry.

“I can’t clarify the amount I will miss that person. I don’t have any words,” said Panhandle Police Chief Sace Hardman.

Boss Hardman said it is difficult to articulate the sort of individual Sgt. Denny was.

“He wasn’t just my colleague, my worker,” said Chief Hardman. “I mean he’s, similar to, perhaps the closest companion. That is to say, he contacted everyone in Panhandle.”

Sgt. Denny was additionally the school asset official for Panhandle ISD for quite a while, and Chief Hardman thought about the amount Denny adored what he accomplished for PISD.

“He adored him all … He’d remain at the entryway each day of school and embrace each rudimentary child that strolled in there. For the duration of the day, he would, you know, pop his head in study halls, wave high five [the students]. He was at each game, band show, he, he just drenched himself into the school and, and in this manner the network. That is to say, we have no clue the implications of his nonattendance will be.”

“He was basically every minute of every day. A few of them, the children and staff and everyone, had his mobile phone number, and they called him at throughout the hours of the night, some of the time just to converse with him and he would converse with anyone. There was no set hours or days or anything for him. He completely drenched himself into that school and, and the town I mean. The best way to clarify it is you can never fill those shoes. There’s no where to discover somebody like him.”

“He wasn’t out to you know, to get kids in a difficult situation. That is to say, he was attempting to show them and gatekeeper them and keep them protected and simply be their companion.”

Sgt. Denny was accompanied back to Panhandle Tuesday evening by the Panhandle Police Department and the Carson County Sheriff’s Office, alongside different offices helping.

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