Matt holzman death – KCRW Producer, Host Of ‘The Document’ Was 56

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Matt holzman death Long-term KCRW maker and host Matt Holzman kicked the bucket on Sunday after a fight with malignancy. He was 56.

Inhabitants of L.A’s. Westside may perceive Holzman’s name from his latest task on the NPR-partnered radio broadcast, The Document. He was additionally a power in the making of shows, for example, The Business and Press Play. In Addition, Holzman facilitated a screening arrangement called Matt’s Movies at which he talked with makers and chiefs.

To be sure, “The Document” was a meeting arrangement with documentarians that started as a web recording before advancing into a screening arrangement that replaced Matt’s Movies.

With The Business, which appeared in 2004 and ran for a long time, Holzman and his hosts secured the matter of the stage.

Holzman’s was a recognizable voice to L.A’s. turnpike bound populace. In addition to the fact that he produced and have appears, yet he was an unmistakable nearness on the station’s financing drives. That is obvious since, in the wake of beginning at KCRW as a board administrator, Holzman made the station’s Underwriting Department.

Holzman got a kidney transplant in 2006, which he recorded on-air. KCRW’s tribute calls his unexpected stage IV malignant growth finding the previous fall “stunning” before noticing, “He took care of it with such transparency.”

Holzman is made due by his accomplice Adria Kloke who, reports KCRW, “was with him until the end.”

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