Ray Tuineau Obituary – Cause of death!

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Ray Tuineau Obituary : entered the world on October 2, 1984. He made every moment count as a child, sibling, spouse, father, uncle, and companion. After a stunning existence of light and love, Ray died on August 8, 2020, at 35 years old. The word reference characterizes a beam as “light that streams from a body; a light emission vitality or light; having a beginning stage however no closure… going into endlessness.” Ray meets this powerful depiction. Like this definition, Ray made vitality and light, and his quality and soul will live for eternity. To realize Ray was to adore him. He spent his adolescence in Glendale, in the end moving to West Valley City where he went to Westlake Jr. High and Granger High School, graduating in 2003. As a kid, Ray delighted in exploring, sports, family, and companions. He was an Eagle Scout and a theological college graduate. Regardless of whether he was on the football field as an adolescent, at a family occasion, or in a school foyer, Ray ventured forward and made his environmental factors a superior spot. He pushed for other people, continually improving the lives of everyone around him. Beam never decided for others. His peaceful model changed carries on with again and again. He didn’t constrain others to improve their lives, instead of lives altered because individuals usually followed Ray and his model.

Beam wedded Juliet Valentine Vaivaka, his endless love, on November 7, 2009. Together, they turned into an incredible power for good. They were the ideal blend of fun and otherworldliness, freedom and incorporation. This astonishing pair turned into the guardians to three rowdy and superb young men – Afehelotu Siuta Hinckley, Muli-ki-Saione Brigham, and Sosaia Joseph Snow. Beam and Juliet parented with solidarity through generosity, parody, and particular requirements. Once in awhile could Ray be found without a youngster on his shoulders or in his arms. He showed his young men to cherish their Heavenly Father, to see past their own needs, and that BYU sports and Tongan rugby are essential to bliss. Beam and Juliet lived 100 years together in just 10. They ventured to the far corners of the planet and contacted a more significant number of spirits than a great many people do in a lifetime. Their coexistence was pressed with experience, family, and unlimited companions. Beam’s inheritance will live on through his better half and his youngsters as he keeps on shielding them and guide them from past the cloak. Love doesn’t bite the dust with death. It extends. It is everlasting.

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