Ricky Severt Obituary Colorado Springs – Passed Away; Cause of Death

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Ricky Severt Obituary Colorado Springs – DNA has tied a previous support specialist at Memorial Hospital in focal Colorado Springs to the 1999 assault and murder of a clinic kitchen laborer, police said.

Specialists state that Ricky Severt — the man accepted to be liable for the long-unsolved killing of 23-year-old Jennifer Watkins — was murdered in an El Paso County fender bender in 2001, denying Watkins’ overcomers of the occasion to see him brought to preliminary.

“Despite the fact that we can’t arraign Mr. Severt for the wrongdoing he submitted, we can at any rate give answers to Jennifer’s friends and family,” the fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office said in a news discharge.

DNA testing on Severt’s enduring family members found that Watkins’ reasonable executioner had a more prominent than 99% possibility of being an individual from their family, driving investigators to state they are “sure” he was capable.

Watkins, of Fountain, was discovered dead Nov. 8, 1999, at Memorial Hospital, where she was an individual from the kitchen staff. Two fix laborers discovered her under a flight of stairs inside, days after her better half, Michael, and her mom, Irene Skinner, announced her missing. The body was shrouded in plastic and bound with pipe tape and covered up in a “distant” part of the emergency clinic, unavailable to people in general. At that point El Paso County Coroner Dr. David Bowerman discovered that Watkins had been explicitly attacked and pounded the life out of.

Police gathered proof and talked with everybody Watkins knew and worked with, including Severt, yet none of them prompted a recognizable suspect. Her better half, Michael, was viewed as an “early likely suspect” however was precluded.

At the point when police had depleted every single analytical road, they assigned it a virus case. Analysts kept on working the case throughout the long term yet couldn’t concoct a suspect.

In 2017, criminologists enrolled the help of Parabon Labs, a Virginia-based DNA innovation organization, to look at DNA tests gathered from Watkins’ body and garments during the underlying examination. A DNA hit prompted doubts that Severt might have been included.

Severt was on the emergency clinic’s upkeep staff at the hour of Watkins’ vanishing and was addressed by criminologists as a feature of the underlying examination. He told police he had never observed Watkins. Severt’s work routine put him at the clinic on the date of her vanishing. Police were endeavoring to find him as a component of their examination when they learned of his demise in a Nov. 2, 2001, auto collision on Colorado 94, only east of Colorado Springs.

Since the suspect is presently perished, the manslaughter case is authoritatively shut.

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