Sue Donohoe Obituary – Passed Away; Cause of Death

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Sue Donohoe Obituary – Previous NCAA chairman Sue Donohoe passed on Sunday after a concise ailment, the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame declared. She was 61.

Donohoe was a long-lasting board individual from the Hall of Fame and a Class of 2021 inductee. The Hall of Fame didn’t detail what caused her passing however said it wasn’t identified with COVID-19.

Donohoe, a long-term board individual from the Hall of Fame, was to be accepted this previous summer with the Class of 2020 as a supporter of the game, however the function was deferred until 2021 due to the Covid pandemic. She is additionally an individual from the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.

“We are profoundly disheartened at the deficiency of our companion, coach and essential individual from the ladies’ ball network,” said Dana Hart, leader of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. “Sue’s affection for ball and her scrupulousness, difficult work and managerial greatness will perpetually be recalled.”

Donohoe joined the NCAA in 1999 as the overseer of the ladies’ ball title and ventured down in 2011. During her NCAA residency, she was a head of both the people’s ball titles.

“Sue Donohoe consumed her time on earth attempting to develop and uphold the round of ladies’ b-ball beginning with her time as a school competitor and proceeding through her work as a mentor, grounds and gathering office overseer, and administration at the public office,” NCAA senior VP Lynn Holzman said in a proclamation. “She has had a suffering effect in supporting school competitors and ladies in games. We are crushed by the departure of a titan in our game and we stretch out our sincerest sympathies to her family and friends and family.”

As VP of ladies’ ball from 2003-2011, she watched the game fill in manners she could possibly have envisioned when she was beginning her training profession as an alumni aide at Louisiana Tech.

She was with the program when it won the principal NCAA ladies’ b-ball title in 1982.

Donohoe was instrumental in attempting to demystify the determination cycle for the NCAA Tournament by welcoming mentors and media to participate in a false section work out. The gathering went about as though it were the NCAA ladies’ ball determination advisory group, utilizing a similar information, systems and rules as the genuine board of trustees.

That created a more noteworthy gratefulness for the cycle and the work that the board of trustees does.

“We simply treat individuals with genuineness,” Donohoe told the AP in 2011. “We comprehend people may not concur with choices that the panel makes or I make, however by opening up the cycle ideally individuals improved comprehension of how things functioned.”

Subsequent to leaving the NCAA, Donohoe turned into the leader head of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund until her retirement in 2015.

Prior to joining the NCAA, Donohoe filled in as the partner and later partner magistrate of the Southland Conference. She moved toward the Southland in 1998 subsequent to holding the situation of partner head of sports at Arkansas, where she was already an associate ladies’ b-ball mentor under Gary Blair. She likewise was an associate ladies’ mentor at Stephen F. Austin.

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