Why Was William Mcintosh Killed – What Heappened To William Mcintosh

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Why Was William Mcintosh Killed – Not long before day break on April 30, 1825, Upper Creek boss Menawa, joined by 200 Creek heroes, assaulted McIntosh at Lockchau Talofau to do the sentence. They put a match to his home, and shot and cut to death McIntosh and the old Coweta boss Etomme Tustunnuggee.

In 1825, McIntosh, without Creek assent, arranged the Treaty of Indian Springs that sold practically all Creek land in Georgia and actually benefitted McIntosh. As per Creek law, any pioneer who surrendered land to the United States without the full consent of the Creek Nation would be killed.

McIntosh was executed by Menawa and a huge power of Law Menders in late April 1825; two different signatories were executed and one was shot however gotten away.

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